Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can slow you down and cut into your productivity. It's important to find drug-free pain relief options to ensure your long-term health. We can help at Baker Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, serving Morganton, NC, and the surrounding areas. Keep reading to learn more. 


What Causes Shoulder Pain?

If you are dealing with shoulder issues, you might be wondering what caused your pain in the first place. The shoulder is one of the largest and most hard-working joints in the body. If the shoulder is overused or misused, the joint and soft tissue surrounding it can become inflamed. This inflammation can cause stiffness and pain, and it is important to seek treatment quickly. 

Can a Chiropractor Help?

Chiropractic care can help with this type of pain. When you first visit the chiropractor, you will have diagnostic tests done. These tests help the doctor pinpoint the exact location and cause of your pain. After this, a treatment plan is developed to help you deal with your pain issues. If you are dealing with pain, you can schedule a consultation with a chiropractor in your area. 

How Is Chiropractic Care Different?

A traditional doctor may only address the pain issues you are experiencing, often through the use of pain medications. These medications may have harsh side effects and may not address the underlying causes of your pain.

A chiropractor attempts to get to the root of the problem so that you can find lasting pain relief. 

What Types of Treatment Are Available?

A few different types of therapies are available for this issue. 

Soft wave therapy: This is a type of shockwave therapy that sends sound waves through the affected tissue. This process stimulates the brain to send stem cells to the area, which causes a healing response. The new tissue helps to reduce inflammation and pain. 

Stretches and Exercises: In some cases, the shoulder experiences pain because the muscles surrounding the joint of the shoulder are weak. This can be corrected through the use of stretches and exercises. 

Shoulder adjustments: Just as a chiropractor is able to adjust your spine, they can also adjust other major joints as well. A shoulder adjustment can help to properly realign the shoulder to decrease pain and stiffness. 

Getting Help for Your Pain

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